Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Exploring Time!

Once upon a planet, there was a brave explorer, and his name was not Bob. He traveled with a navigator, whose name was not George. Not-George didn't really do too much, leaving Not-Bob to do pretty much everything as they traveled the world for the fun of it. (Well, Not-Bob traveled for fun. Not-George just wanted money.)

On a trip through the Mayan Jungle, they found an old tunnel. They thought that maybe the Mayans had dug it to find the lost souls of their kings.

Not-George said, "I'll be rich for discovering this place! Yippee!" and ran in.

Not-Bob said, "He didn't discover it," and walked right in.

When Not-Bob found Not-George, he saw Not-George banging on a wall trying to get inside. "Let me in, you stupid temple!" he was screaming. "I'm going to get rich because of you!"

Not-Bob said, "No! This temple is very delicate! It might collapse at any moment!"

"Oh, relax," said Not-George as he stopped banging. "I can open this door easy-peasy without making the temple collapse."

And then... The door opened!

Inside was crystal-clear water. They couldn't see the bottom of it.

Not-George said, "See?" and then... The temple started to collapse.

Not-Bob said, "As you where saying?"

It occurred to Not-George that there might be treasure at the bottom of the water, so he put a vase on his head (for air) and then jumped into the water. He sank right to the bottom! But there was no treasure, just a whirlpool that grew and grew as Not-George swam for his life.

Eventually, Not-George returned to the surface, but he brought a guest. The whirlpool!

He turned and threw the vase from his head into the whirlpool, screaming, "Take this!"

It didn't do anything.

With mighty wind, the whirlpool sucked both Not-George and Not-Bob in. (Somehow, they were able to breathe normally. Which is good, because breathing is good.)

The whirlpool spat them out in a jungle pond beside a Chinese temple.

"Weird," said Not-Bob. "Another temple... And it doesn't like Mayan. Let's investigate!"

And so Not-Bob and Not-George went into the temple. All they saw were a blanket, a pile of sticks, and some big vases.

As they were about to investigate the vases, they heard a griffon call.

Not-Bob said, "Oh, a griffon. That explains the vases and the pile of sticks. The vases are eggs!"

Not-George didn't care what the vases were. He just yelled, "Run!!!"

Since Not-George was the navigator, Not-Bob ran with him.

They lost the griffon while running from the temple, then ran through the jungle to yet another temple. They stopped outside of it and Not-George said, "We are not going in that place!"

So they ran away from the temple along the shore of a lake.

Soon they found a beach with sand and giant seashells. One seashell was so big you could use it as a boat, and Not-George said, "Let's climb into that shell and escape this place!"

And so they used the shell as a boat and sailed to a desert filled with odd cacti that looked like tires. Not-George found a stick to chop down a cactus to get cactus juice (or whatever comes out of them), but as he tried to grab the stick, he found it was very hard to get it out of the sand.

The sand began to shake... And then... The stick was revealed to be... The tail of a sandworm!

Not-George and Not-Bob ran for their lives until they came across a huge rock. They climbed on the rock and the sandworm couldn't find them.

On the huge rock, which appeared to be a mountain, they made a campsite with sticks, leaves, acorns, and wood, and then settled in for the night. After their rough day, they needed sleep before trying to go home!

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