Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Once upon a time, there was – Wait a second! When is this? Once upon a time? Okay, let's improvise...

Somewhere in the medieval ages (I think), there was a boy called.. Um... What was his name again? Let's call him Boy.

So, somewhere in the medieval ages, there was a boy called Boy, and sometime in winter he decided to go on a journey. God only knows why he did that in winter.

After being chased by an angry horse, Boy found a lost temple. It asked him for directions, but the Boy didn't answer as he ran into the temple because the horse was still chasing him.

The temple said, “Violator! Get out of me!”

Boy ignored that because the horse was outside and stumbled up the temple stairs.

Upstairs, Boy could still see the horse through a window. It looked like the horse was calling other angry horses on his phone.

After going up to the top, Boy realized there was another set of stairs going down. He decided to go down, but changed his mind when he saw the scorpions at the bottom. He turned around and found another set of stairs.

Hoping there were no scorpions, he decided to go down the other other stairs. When he got to the bottom, he saw a wall that said two things. One was a cheat-code for horseshoes. (Dance around like a horse four times.) The second was a warning. “If you open this wall, or door, or whatever you call it, beware of something! I think it's dangerous. Maybe. Oh! And also, to open the door, just say, 'Blanket.'”

While Boy was wondering why it told him how to open something he wasn't supposed to open, he also wondered if he wanted to say, “Blanket.” But when he does stuff like that, he talks to himself, so he actually said, “Blanket,” without meaning to.

The door (or wall or whatever you call it) opened and inside was an egg the size (but not shape!) of a foot.

Boy decided to grab it and run upstairs to see if the angry horse was still there.

The angry horse was still there, playing poker with his friends. When they realized Boy was in the window, they all said, “Neigh!!!” and ran to get some bows and arrows.

When they had their bows and arrows, they launched them at the window. (Don't ask me how a hoofed mammal shot a bow and arrow!)

The only thing the arrows hit was the egg, which started glowing for some reason.

And then... (Play dramatic music here.) The egg opened!

And there was... A... A... ACHOO!


There was a dragon.

It was frost blue and hadn't grown its horns yet. (Duh! It's still a baby!)

But then it... A... A... ACHOO!

No, that wasn't me. The dragon sneezed.

And after the dragon sneezed, all of the horses were frozen.

Then the boy said, “I think I'll name you Flames.”

The Temple made a snorting sound. “Dude, why would you name it Flames? Name it Frosty.”

“But he's not a snowman!” Boy said.

Disgusted, the temple spat Boy and Flames out and walked away. (Don't ask me how a temple walked!)

Boy picked up Flames and went to to the library to look for books on taking care of frost dragons named Flames.


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